Filtering emails

To filter email by specific matches:

  1. Go to the URL of: DOMAIN/webmail (e.g.
  2. Login with your email address and password
  3. Select the email filtering option

Please note: this is not a proper spam filter but if you have difficulties with spam please contact us to add a spam filtering service to your account.

This facility allows you to filter mails dependant on their body, subject, header, who the emails are from...and more!

NAME: First of all give the filter a useful name.

Next choose how you want to filter your emails according to the following options:

From: filter all emails from a specific email address
Subject: filter all emails with certain subject
To: filter all emails that have been sent to a specific email address
Reply Address: filter all emails that have a specific reply address
Body: filter all emails that have specific body (main email) content
Has not been previously delivered: filter all emails not previously delivered
Is an error message: filter all emails that have an error message

RULE: Thirdly, decide what the rule is. This could be a specific email, a word, part of an email...the list is endless!

Finally, you can decide how picky you will be - select whether you want the filter to look for the following:

Equals: Exactly the same as the ‘RULE' e.g. a specific email address
Contains: Has the ‘RULE' somewhere in it. E.g. gmail could be used to block all emails from any Gmail email address
Does not contain: ‘RULE' is not contained in ‘SPECIFY'
Ends with: Email ‘SPECIFY' ends with ‘RULE'
Does not begin with: ‘SPECIFY' does not begin with ‘RULE'
Does not match: ‘SPECIFY' does not match ‘RULE'


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