Accessing and using Webmail

To access your webmail account follow the below instructions:

1. Go to the URL of: DOMAIN/webmail (e.g.
2. Login with your email address and password

You will now be faced with 2 options to access your email.



There are 2 options for how you can read you emails online. The first of these options is called "Horde". It is a powerful online mail reader and has several customizable settings which is perfect for the user who wants to use advanced settings to organize and filter email messages. Below we have listed some of these settings:


  • Whitelist/Blacklist feature: when enabled allows you to blacklist certain email addresses completely. You can decide what gets done with those emails - either delete them automatically or move them to a junk folder. Setting up new filters isn't too complicated, you just click "New Rule" and the form is a fairly simple one.

  • Organizing section: A little planner with an address book, a calendar, notes and tasks, just like in Microsoft Outlook (but nowhere near as many features). It does a good job of letting you organize your meetings and take notes in the same place where you get your incoming emails.


In terms of features, it is more powerful than the second option of "RoundCube", however the additional functionality may make it more complicated for you to use. Have a play around with both mail systems and see which one suits you.



The second method of reading mail online is called "RoundCube". It is not as powerful as Horde, however is more intuitive and it has a clear and easy to use interface. As the functions are not as powerful as Horde, RoundCube allows you to make changing basic settings very easy and fast to do. The interface is clean and it is clear what each icon should do. Again, we would encourage you to try both systems and see which one works for you.

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