Storing your Share It files locally (Mac)

You can only share fully uploaded files within Store It Share It, and these can be shared both publicly or privately.

To share from your web portal use the url you were supplied with.

Sharing from your Mac

1. Navigate to the file or folder in Share It

2. Select the file or folder

3. Then click on the Store It Share It icon and then Selected Files and then Share...

You will be prompted whether to share publicly, which will be available to anyone via your Store It Share It home page, or privately, where the recipient gets a link to the private share.

In either instance only the file or folder shared is accessible.

Please note that the sharing feature is read only; the recipient must download the file to view or edit.

Also note that sharing is controlled at the top-most level a share is applied. It isn't possible to share sub-folders with different permissions to their parent except where there is no sharing set at the parent level.         

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